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Integrative Counselling

Support That Makes a Difference

Everything you've ever wanted is on the otherside of fear. George Addair

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What is Counselling ?

Every person should have the chance to feel happy and contented with life, but at times, some of us might need a little help to find it. A counsellor is a professionally trained therapist who will stand alongside you in a supportive role, helping you to reflect and engage with your experience in a non-judgemental manner. Holding your needs, goals and hopes for the future, while at the same time offering empathy and support through a difficult time.

The life struggles we may face can be long standing or perhaps immediate or temporary. It can be difficult to talk to friends and family about some problems we may be experiencing or you might not have an appropriate person you feel comfortable with to confide in. This is where counselling might be a helpful option for you.

How can Counselling help you?

Through engaging in counselling, you will notice an increased self-awareness, enabling you to examine what might be having a negative impact on your quality and enjoyment of life. Often a small change can have a positve impact on a difficult situation. It’s possible that you may have become trapped in a pattern of thoughts and behaviour which could be having a negative impact on your quality of life and you may be unsure how to move forward? Could it be that a traumatic past event or experience is keeping you from embracing life?

Counselling sessions offer a safe, confidential, affirming environment, where an individual can feel contained whatever their experience may be.

Engagement in counselling can help bring relief from stress and anxiety. Reflections from a counsellor can bring increased self-awareness and insight, enabling a fresh approach which in turn can help individuals to view their life ‘though a different lens’ and look forward with renewed enthusiasm and hope for the future.

Therapeutic Life Coaching

Let go of who you think you are supposed to be, and be who you are!  Brene Brown

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Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

I am a Fusion trained, Intergrative Life Coach. This means I am able to help clients by using a combination of counselling  and life coaching skills to engage with clients. This enables me to listen without judgement to your experience and then to offer you the tools and techniques to help you understand what is going on for you. 

Making positive changes to patterns of thinking and behaviours could help you to achieve a more balanced mental health and emotional well being, which can lead to a happier more fulfulling life. 

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Counselling in Schools

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School Counselling

I offer counselling within the school setting, I am qualified to work with both Primary and Secondary school children. I tailor my approach to suit the child and their developmental level. I am able to run groups with a psycho~educational approach, teaching resilience and helping children to develop their social skills. Please contact me via email or phone to discuss your requirements. I am available on an hourly  or daily basis. 

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